June 12 - June 26 - July 10 - July 24 - Aug 7 - Aug 21 - Sept 4 - Sept 18 - Oct 2 - Oct 16

Pick up time is 4-7PM

At the pick up site:

  • on-site details can be found on the PICK UP SITES page

  • cross your name off the check off sheet

  • please do not take a share if your name is not on the list. This will mean that another member will not have a share. If you do not find your name on the check off sheet, please contact us and we can get to the bottom of it. Please communicate with us! JONNAH’s CELL 608/852.3533 or evening office phone 608/709.7548

  • please take the entire box home with you

  • if you have a logistical challenge picking up your fruit box on the day of the delivery, please email or text (608/852.3533) Jonnah.

  • please be respectful of your site host

  • enjoy your organic fruit sourced from independently owned family farms!!

If there is a date that conflicts with your schedule, let us know and we can double up on another delivery in the season. Please email us no later than the Friday prior to the delivery. All fruit members pickup on the same week.